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Alice Boman

The session features acclaimed Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman, who recently released her album "Dream On".

The session was shot on 16mm in a private home designed by Lene Tranberg outside of Copenhagen.

Track list


Music by Alice Boman

Alice Boman: vocals, piano and synthesizer

Julia Ringdahl: vocals and guitar

Ellen Pettersson: flugelhorn and syntheziser

Liam Amner: drums

Directed by Jonas Bang

Executive producers: Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen and Silke Baumann

Producers: Mads Buhl Hendriksen and Rasmus Stolberg

Production manager: Tobias Vestergaard

DoP: Jason Idris Alami

Camera operators: Jason Idris Alami, Thomas Dyrholm and Anton Falkenstrøm Tougaard

Clapper loader: Frederik Haslund

1st AC: Bertil Rosenkrands

Development and scan: Focus Film

Editor: Niels Buhl Hendriksen

Colourist: Jonathan Lieb

Audio recording and final mix: Tommy Kamp Vestergaard

Assisting sound engineer: Johan Olesen

Audio mastering: Morten Bue

Sound design: Jonas Bang, Tommy Kamp Vestergaard and Rasmus Stolberg

Gaffers: Andreas Kragh and David Medina

Title design: Søren Damstedt

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