Brodie Sessions

At Home


The very first Brodie Sessions features Danish band Efterklang who recently released their fifth album 'Altid Sammen' on the legendary 4AD record label.

The session was shot on 16mm in a private home designed by Lene Tranberg outside of Copenhagen.

Track list


Music by Efterklang

Mads Brauer: synth and electronics

Casper Clausen: vocal

Rasmus Stolberg: bass

Christian Balvig: piano and synth

Bert Cools: guitar

Indre Jurgelevičiūtė: kanklės, flute and vocal

Øyunn: drums and vocal

Directed by Jonas Bang

Executive producer: Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen and Silke Baumann

Producer: Mads Buhl Hendriksen and Rasmus Stolberg

Production manager: Tobias Vestergaard

DoP: Jason Idris Alami

Camera Operators: Thomas Dyrholm, Anton Falkenstrøm Tougard and Jason Idris Alami

Clapper loader & 1st AC: Frederik Haslund

Scan and development: Focus Film

Edit: Niels Buhl Hendriksen

Sound design: Jonas Bang

Audio recording and final mix: Tommy Kamp Vestergaard

Assisting sound engineer: Johan Olesen

Audio mastering: Morten Bue

Gaffer: Martin Riello

Make-up: Thora Lorentzen

Title design: Søren Damstedt

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